All posts tagged PER confirmed that an extensive article on the subject of future-proofing was recently published by the Journal of Preservation Education and Research (PER).  The article discusses the different origins and uses of the term future-proofing, demonstrates use of future-proof concepts in preservation and conservation theory, develops the 10 Principles of Future-Proofing, and demonstrates the application of the Principles to the rehabilitation of the walrus heads at the Arctic Building in Seattle, WA.  Preservation architect and author Brian D. Rich is excited about the debut appearance of the Principles and hopes to contribute further to the discussion on future-proofing and resiliency in the built environment.  The article is available with a subscription to PER here.

The Journal of Preservation Education and Research is the official peer-reviewed journal of the National Council for Preservation Education.

PER disseminates international peer-reviewed scholarship relevant to historic environment education from fields such as historic preservation, heritage conservation, heritage studies, building and landscape conservation, urban conservation, and cultural patrimony.